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Is it hard to communicate with your family?

In this week's blog, we are talking about one of the five keys to creating a happy and healthy family- COMMUNICATION!

If you have noticed an increase in fighting or even smaller disagreements in your family, the cause may be a lack of quality communication.

In the family unit, proper communication creates a pathway for each member to express their needs, wants, and feelings in a safe and loving environment. This expression then leads to a deeper understanding of one another within the family, which can strengthen connections.

If you feel like your family is struggling with communication, here are some tips to improve your skills:

-Listen to understand, not respond.

-Ask questions if you do not understand.

-Be an active listener (eye contact, nodding, etc.).

-Reflect emotion

-Speak clearly.

-Say what you mean.

-Use langauge that is age-appropriate.

-Think before you speak.

-Be honest.

-Don't use hurtful language.

-Be open about your feelings.

Once you open the door to quality communication within your home, your family will transform into a happier and healthier family unit!


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