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Live in the Now!

Do you ever feel like you are living for the weekends? Like you struggle through Monday through Friday in order to have those two days a week of fun?

If you answered yes to these questions, it may be time to reframe the way you view the week!

Although work and school routines may make it hard to view week days in a positive light, spending all week focusingon the weekend means that you are neglecting over 70% of your time!

Instead of viewing Monday through Friday as the "work week," redefine this time as equally valuable days in your life! These days are opportunties to experience joy, love, and fun, just like Saturday and Sunday.

While it may be easy to focus only on the mundane aspects of the week, try to take note of all of the positives of the day to day.

Additionally, don't try to cram all of life's fun into the weekend. Try to make time each and every day for at least one thing that brings joy to your life.

Don't waste your week waiting for the future and miss out on the joy of the present!

This Monday I did a live zoom on what it could look like to make time to organize your week so you have more time to enjoy the now! The replay is in the group and ready for you to check it out.


Join the group below for helpful tips, weekly videos and to get to know a community of parents that want to have healthy families!


Family Coaching is available now! Click the link below for information!

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