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Updated: Nov 3, 2022

By this time of year, most children have completed their first month of the new school year. Congratulations on making it through, as the first month can be the most difficult and impactful!

New teachers, new classrooms, new students, and new routines can all make the first month of school a very stressful time of change and adjustment for children and parents alike.

Now that you have conquered this first month, make sure you are taking time to discuss the past few weeks with your child.


Things to talk about...

What have they liked so far about this school year?

What challenges have they faced so far?

How do they feel about going to school in the morning?

Do they feel better about the new year now than they did during the first week?

What do they feel they need help with and how can you help?

What would they like to change or adjust moving forward?

Asking your child these questions can give you insight into how to make this school year as positive as possible and how to maximize your child's learning.

This will also give your child the skills and sense of security needed to openly communicate their needs and concernssurrounding not only school but also surrounding other contexts.


**Now that the first month is over, go into the rest of the school year with a positive mindset focused on growth and learning!**


I am now offering parent coaching. I would love to help you help your family to be the best they can be. Coaching would teach you how to have effective routines and discipline. Learn how to navigate educational dilemmas, new communication strategies as well as help you with your own goals and expectations.


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