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Independent kids!

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

As parents, it is normal to have a tendency to want to care for our children and cater to their needs. However, as our children grow, it is very important that we occasionally step back and teach them to care for themselves.

Allowing your children to do age-appropriate tasks for themselves not only aids in their development but also teaches them important life skills.

These skills can include smaller fine motor skills, like tying shoes and buttoning clothing, and larger social and emotional skills, such as communicating needs and processing emotions and social interactions.

When you see your child struggling to complete a task or when they ask you for help, use these instances as a teaching moment. First, show your child how to complete the task, and then allow them to attempt the task on their own.

Have a discussion about the task and what makes it difficult for your child. Make sure they understand how to overcome these difficulties.

Give your children the space to grow and learn in a safe, loving, and understanding environment.


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