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Routines for the New Year!

Routines for the New Year!

Do you have routines for your kiddos in your home? Routines have many benefits you might not even realize.

Here are a few!

-Help children feel safe.

-Build healthy habits.

-Creates a calmer household.

-Builds confidence.

-Stability during stressful times

When you have routines for your children they will feel safe and secure and that will reduce anxiety. Anxiety for a child causes behavior issues, health issues and fears that they can’t control. Routines help a child know what is important to your family. Rituals for your family will create connectedness and a sense of belonging for all members.

By creating a schedule and a routine you will help your child understand what is coming next and help them learn to understand that life can be predictable and calm. When a child is in a calm environment they will excel in school, excel with peers and in the household. A child will thrive when they know what is happening daily which will help you enjoy your child feel less stress and enjoy being a kid.

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