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Presence While Parenting

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Presence While Parenting

Being a parent is tough and can be very challenging at times. Are you setting yourself up for success daily? Are you being present about the day, week, or month? Being present and mindful is one way to help with all the challenges that you face being a parent.

Below are some ideas on how to add more mindfulness and presence to your day!

1. Get up early-if you wake up before everyone else in your house you will have time to be on your own and be ready for the day. Try meditation, journaling, or just sitting in silence. When your children wake up you will be ready to give them all your attention.

2. Put your kids to bed early. This will give you more time to have your own space. You can exercise, read, call friends, or scroll through social media.

3. Keep your phone out of reach at times when you know your child will need you. Such as, right after school or when they get up in the morning. Quality time is better than quantity, so using specific times during the day will be helpful and your child will feel it.

4. Be very aware of how fast this is all going. You only have a very short time of your kids being little. If you think about this daily it will for sure change your presence.

5. Think about your time spent daily. If you notice these are all hard to accomplish during your day. What changes can you or would you make in your life?

**The most important thing to remember is that you are the main role model for your children, make the most of the time with them and enjoy what you created and brought to this earth!

Also, don't forget to check out our FB group and make sure to watch the helpful parenting videos. They are all under 15 minutes. A great place to listen is in the car or on a walk!

Anastasia Judge-Arauz

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